Telemedicine: MEDS On Line

Because we want to always be with you, MEDS OnLine is now available for you. This new Telemedicine service was created to provide the quality, and care of our outstanding professionals. This platform has the most high standards of security and privacy of our patients information.

With our remote medicine system, you will access first-class medical attention during flexible hours, and choose the date and time of your appointment. MEDS OnLine also allows access to medical orders and prescriptions, as well as send your exams in advance: More details in MEDS Terms and Conditions online.

The medical specialties available for you are:

To access Telemedicine:
– Go to the MEDS Online button on our website.
– Choose specialty and doctor to reserve time.
– Enter your personal data medical insurance, email, telephone, full name) to generate the reservation.
– Once the reservation is confirmed, the payment must be made following the steps that will be provided for it through an email.
– Once the payment stage is completed, an email will be sent with the respective link to access the virtual meeting at the agreed time and day.
– If required, prescriptions (except withheld) and medical orders, which comply with the same established technical standards, can be issued and attached in the same video conference or subsequently sent by mail.

If you need any help, you can write us to